Tuesday, May 4, 2010


www.onephotographaday.com is a blog about a man named Luis Gomez who goes around taking photos all over Washington DC. Every Day he goes out and photographs one photo a day. I thought that this relates to our own urban life blog because like him, we too go out to take pictures of the city, just not Washington. We take pictures of life in New York City. Both we and this man photograph what we see in the urban area, which I think is really important because you get to see how people live their lives in the city. It is important to show different aspects and perspectives of the city and the people that live in it because everyone is different in different cities. Plus, photographs are a great way to capture life in a city and it lasts forever. In our blogs, I like how we have to photograph the place we go to and the people in it. It is great way to make something worth while, so that other people and not just ourselves can learn about different places and cultures.

www.urbanblink.blogspot.com is a blog about a New York based photographer named DeAngela Napier and she photographs the streets of New York. She says that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and boy do I believe in that saying. She photographs everything in the city that she thinks is beautiful to her and that is exactly what I do in my blog as well. I also try to capture things in the city that are appealing to me as well. Her theme is similar to that of our blog for Urban Studies because we both photograph the streets of the city in New York. Like I said before photography is vital because it captures a certain image for a lifetime. It will always be there to reflect and look back on. Photography is a great way to express yourselves and that is why our teacher makes us put pictures on out blogs, and I just love that!!!!!

www.urbanzenfoundation.org is about an organization that creates, collobrates and connects awareness in order to bring change to the children and in areas. This is similar in the same theme as our blogs because both blogs creates awareness in what each person writes in their blogs. In this blog, they are trying to bring unity in people all around. And in our blog we are bringing awareness to the city life to anyone who may not know about urban life and what it has to offer. Awareness is very vital in trying to convey and get across a certain theme or message overall to the public. The message we want to get across is to better the city in some ways and to educate others about the city that we college students live in. Everything we write in our blogs in vital . You get to learn about something that you may not known about before. And in the urbanzen website, people too get to learn about bringing awareness to the children of Africa, etc. and to help the people who are less fortunate. Both blogs tie in to the theme of helping, caring, and educating others in what stands as important.

www.flaneurphotoblog.blogspot.com is about a man’s journey of taking photograph’s of different places he has been to. For example on his blog you will see photographs of London’s building, L.A.’s buildings and Turkey and Netherlands buildings. He takes pictures of what fascinates him about each place that he visits. This is like our blogs in Urban Studies because we too photograph what fascinates us about the city in which we are in that moment. That is the what both of these blogs have in common. This guy is very similar in how he describes the things that he sees to our blogs. Each time he photographs a photo he tells us a little about each photo. I think this is vital because lets say something photographs a picture without any description. This really doesn’t serve a purpose because your reader will be lost and confused. The title of this person’s blog is flaneur photo blog. Flaneur is an acitivty we did in our own urban studies class. This is the same theme that both of his and my blog have in common. We are both flaneurs of the city in which we are in.

www.urbanindy.com is about also about a man who takes pictures where he is. Except this blog is more personal. He photographs things in his hometown in Indianapolis. He too photographs and writes about what he sees and what is important to him. The theme here is he writes about the history and the present stuff about Indianapolis. That to me is very important because why just photograph the present without knowing the history behind it. This is similar to our blogs because we always write and talk about the history of a place. I also like this blog a lot because Indy happens to be my middle name, so I thought that was pretty cool and more personal to choose. This blog is also similar in the set up as our own blog. It has the written stuff in the middle and the photos there as well. It is a clean layout like ours and I think that is important. If you want people to be able to read about your blogs in an unconfused and simple way, then the set up of this blog and ours is the way to go!

I wrote on all the blogs except one. It would not allow me to. But I basically said how I liked their pictures of their own city and how it looks so much like mine. I told them to go ahead and check my blog at to see my city pictures. And I really hope that they go to this blog to check out all the photos this group took.

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