Friday, May 14, 2010

Activity 9- Maya Jourieh

This blog relates to what we have learned and discussed this semester because it mentions the public space in the metropolitan area being taken up by parking spots. It discusses how planners and designers sometimes forget to consider to leave open space for parking spots. It’s necessary for them to remember that because in the end, then the cars end up taking space that could be used for something else.

This blog discusses how Florida is mainly dominated by cars. Without a car, people seem to be falling behind. They have no other means of transportation, even in the city area people seem to take cars more. This thought relates to the blog because it discusses how means of transportation are required in an urban area. Without it how else would people get around.

I think this blog relates to our course the most only because we discussed that Atlantic Yards issue. This project is taking a toll on a lot of people. Many are against the idea because they do not want to deal with the new construction and would like to keep the area as is. This relates because we talked about renovating and redeveloping areas.
On schedule, new Marlins ballpark rises (way) over Miami’s Little Havana

Although this blog is about Miami, it’s still an Urban area and I find that it relates in a way when talking about building something new when in an crowded area. Things like this not only take time and a lot of money, but space that could be used otherwise.

This blog relates in the way that it talks about the necessity for finding public space in urban areas. Public spaces are necessary because they make society feel safer in a way.

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